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Progress so far

We are pleased to inform you that we have started on site at the new Broadacre Primary School. The first weeks were all about securing the site and we have done that with a mixture of metal mesh fencing with timber posts and timber hoarding. We have painted the hoarding blue to give the school a ‘blank canvas’ so they can create their own artwork and fix it to the boards. We have cut some holes for viewing so progress on site can be monitored by those who will be benefitting from it.

We have also started clearing the site. This has been no mean feat as there has been hundreds of tonnes of topsoil to move as well as the solid clay beneath. The good news is the majority of that soil will be re-used to form the sports pitches. We have started on the car parks and this will double up as an access road to give us access on to the building footprint. Once we have dug down to the designed depth for the car parks, the area then gets covered by a ‘capping layer’ of stone and a ‘sub-base’ of finer stone is added prior to the tarmac being placed.

The weather has been very challenging so far and we have had to deal with lots of surface water and on the days it has been clear the ground has been frozen solid. This has not affected the progress of the building so far-hopefully Spring is only round the corner!

Over the next two weeks

We will be continuing to excavate the building footprint and bringing in more stone.

Drainage works to the car park will commence.

We will begin the foundation works for our site cabins and erecting our site cabin/office set up.