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Progress so far

Since the last newsletter, works have been progressing at a successful pace. Despite the bad weather and some logistical challenges we have still managed to make good progress.

All of the bulk excavation has been completed, which includes moving thousands of tonnes of earth and replacing it with selected stone fill. This amounted to material movements in excess of 20,000 tonnes.

Once the stone fill was complete, we formed the foundations which included setting up the holding down bolts (120 sets in total) and pouring over 300 cubic metres of concrete.

The first steel went up as planned on our programme. This is a significant milestone for us as there are always hidden risks when working in the ground-especially through the winter months.

One part of the building is dedicated to help children with an Autism Spectrum Condition (A.S.C). We have incorporated an autism awareness section within our induction and put up posters around the site. This is all about making our construction team a little more enlightened and hopefully reinforce that we are building more than just a building, and the finished product will make a difference in improving our young people’s lives.

Over the next two weeks

During the next two weeks we will be mainly continuing erecting the steel frame to the new building.

The drainage, ducting and kerbing works will be ongoing around the car parks in readiness for basecourse tarmac towards the end of April.

"Dedicated base for children with autism inspires awareness-raising project"

We have also teamed up with aspiring local illustrator and children’s author Luke Garner, who has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. Luke, 22, has been commissioned to brighten up the hoardings around the project and inspired Broadacre pupils to do the same with their own designs. You can find out more about this here