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Progress so far

The children and staff have now moved into their new school, and it is fair to say they’ve all been very excited and overwhelmed with what they have now – especially in comparison to their old school.

We were recently invited along for an official opening with Esteem and Hull City Council where we took the opportunity to showcase a film we put together – ‘The Journey of Broadacre’. A special piece of artwork was also unveiled, created by Luke Garner and Broadacre students and themed around the importance of diversity and inclusion. A selection of students then took all the stakeholders on the tour of their new building. It was great to finally see the space in use and hear directly from the staff and pupils who get to enjoy it every day!

The site team are still hard at work completing phase 3 of the project though, which includes the demolition of the old school site, clearing away all debris and turning the area into large playing fields!

We have successfully removed all of the asbestos within the old school and the demolition contractor has been removing all trace of the old school, getting ready for the landscaping contractor to take over.  Some of the teachers and parents were sad to see the old school being demolished, however the sadness soon was overshadowed with joy due to having the new facilities to use instead. We also managed to save a couple of coloured glass blocks from the old school to give to the teachers and parents as a memento, which they were very grateful for.

The whole project is slowly coming to an end with a few subcontractors left on site to complete their aspect of works. We have some lamp post ducting to install along with a footpath and hard-standing area, followed by landscaping and forming of the football fields which will  conclude the works. We aim to have works completed and ready for the school when they return after the school holidays.

Please see the video link below showing the journey of the project: –

The journey of Broadacre Primary School – YouTube





Over the next two weeks

  • The demolition contractor will be finishing on site and making way for the landscaping contractor,
  • Reduce level dig and formation of the playing field,
  • Boundary fence replacement,
  • Footpath/hard-standing installation,
  • Lighting installation,
  • External furniture installation.