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Progress so far

During our time on site in the early stages of construction we have, formed a new entrance for staff cars and vans, which has brought into use the new car parking area that has been formed next to the MUGA pitch where Sewell cabins will soon be installed.
Asbestos soffits and internal asbestos has been removed on Windsor house.
The extension to Lincoln court has been demolished and a reduced dig has started. Temporary electric have been installed by Vic Coupland ready for the soft strip to commence.

Over the next two weeks

We have planned Notifiable asbestos removal in the basement of Windsor house, this is a nice milestone as it will then allow the Demolition of Windsor house to start.
Site cabins will be located and services connected to them once we move from our temporary site offices in Lincoln court.
IH equipment are on site to start the soft strip of Lincoln court.