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Project Summary

A new build construction of a three story office, rental and car washing facility which will include new office space, rental space, toilet facilities, car washing, and external car parking. The site spans 42, 688 square-ft and will be the largest branch in the UK for Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The project is focused on greener sustainable options for the business which includes solar panels, permeable tarmac, drainage, flow control device and an interceptor to help control the flow of water into the Sheepscar Beck that runs parallel to the project, latest water recycling systems that collects water run-off from the washing facilities, and a number of electric car charging points.

Progress So Far

  • Ground floor slabs  are now complete, including the saw cuts to the slab.
  • Above ground drainage is now installed.
  • External drainage and ducting installation works are continuing.
  • Roof / canopy Kingspan panels are installed with associated walkways.
  • Roof man safe system is now installed.
  • PV installation Phase 1 is now complete.
  • Bulk excavations continue into Phase 2.
  • Perimeter brickwork is now complete.
  • Internal blockwork to the cleaning bays / lift shaft has commenced.
  • SFS installation  is nearing completion.
  • Cladding setting out / top hats have started.
  • Intumescent painting works  continue.

Best Practice

Tudorharp implementing notice boards across each floor are now installed, with live details for operatives to refer to, together with vibration noise and data capturing PPE/RPE requirements. We also now have a BG plasterboard skip for recycling of plasterboard, as well as cutting stations.

Bone Discovery

Whilst undertaking the drainage works to the eastern elevation of the project, works stopped as the banksman noticed what appeared to be human remains during the excavation works. The police were contacted, which then became a police investigation involving CSI to investigate the findings. All excavation works were ceased until the results come back as none human. A very interesting discovery and excellent spot by the banksman.



Birds Eye View (Drone Photographs)

Drone photographs taken during our client meeting on 05/02/2021

Over The Next Two Weeks

  • We will complete the SFS/CP boarding.
  • Cladding panels work and curtain walling works will start.
  • Internal beam encasements work will being.
  • We will start with the internal walls to the first floor.
  • Installation of the Karcher Interceptor, tree protection grid system and internal car wash ACO’s will start.
  • First and second floor lift shaft blockwork will start.
  • We will begin the second lift blockwork to the car wash area and the second phase of drainage.
  • Installation of M&E containment works will commence to the first floor.