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Progress so far

Progress so far has been fast-paced and very productive on the project, which will see the reconfiguration of the 3rd-floor classrooms/labs to create more workable classrooms. On one side of the third floor, we are turning a large open classroom into 3 separate classrooms forming new doorways and full height screens. On the other side, we are turning a large open classroom into 2 separate classrooms, again forming new doorways and full height screens.

• Week 1 – We concentrated on stripping out the two large classrooms on the 3rd floor which were full of laboratory furniture and, in the sweltering heat, it felt like a never-ending task!
• Week 2 – Continuing with the strip out, we began pulling in cables and reconfigured pipework ready for the new classroom layouts.
• Week 3 – We installed the dividing walls to make the two large classrooms into five smaller ones, putting electric and data cables in to supply power to the interactive whiteboards, which will be installed in each classroom. We strategically drilled 20 holes in the floor between the underfloor heating pipes for the gas, water and waste to come through from the second floor, to supply the new pods that will be in each room, which will include 4 gas taps and a sink.
• Week 4 – Walls have been plastered and dado trunking has continued to be added to the walls for the interactive whiteboards and extra sockets. 4 extra sprinkler heads have also been installed.

Over the next two weeks

Over the coming weeks, we aim to install the door frames and screens, finish off the electrical and mechanical works, paint the rooms and install the pods and benches. 4 new interactive white boards to be install and 2 excisting to go back up.