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Progress so far

Progress so far has been extremely productive, and work on site has been moving at a very fast pace - all in preparation for the school returning after their summer break.

The temporary classrooms (Phase 1) have now been handed back to the school ready for the new term to begin.

Phase 2 works to the West carpark has been slowed down at times, as we have allowed the access road around the carpark to remain open to assist the school to manage traffic more safely and efficiently. The through road was not supposed to be accessible until Tuesday 21 September, but the site team made the decision to keep it open, managing traffic during in peak times to assist the school to minimise disruption. However, this has impacted on working hours each day, meaning 30 working hours have been lost since the school has returned. Despite this, we will still meet our handover date of Tuesday 21 September.

What else we've been up to:

Main extension
• Established site setup
• Reduce level dig
• Installed 50no. auger piles
• Reinforcement foundation steel installed

Phase 1 temporary classrooms
• Enabling works
• 550m of ducting works
• Foundations installed
• Six classrooms installed (two buildings)
• Fully fitted out including furniture
• Completed and handed back to the school

Phase 2 Car park West
• Enabling works
• Kerbing and forming works
• Lighting and EV Columns
• Street furniture and cycle shelter
• White lining

Over the next two weeks

Over the next two weeks, we'll be handing over the West carpark works (phase 2) and then starting the North carpark works (phase 4), which we'll hand over at the end of October. In total, the carpark will have an extra 55 parking spaces, 20 motorcycle bays, seven disabled parking bays and four electronic vehicle (EV) charging bays.

For the main extension, we'll be pouring foundations ready for the steel frame to be installed in October.