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Project Summary

We are extremely proud to be working with Align Property Partners and North Yorkshire County Council to deliver the Sherburn Hungate Primary School extension and refurbishment.

The project includes; upgrading works to existing classrooms, reconfiguration of internal rooms to create an extra classroom and a refurbishment of the offices to the reception and the front of the school.

The new extension will create five new classrooms, a staff room, cloakrooms and breakout areas. The extension to the existing hall will create more room with the ability to close off and separate into two rooms with some large bi-folding doors.

We are also carrying out some works to upgrade the car park and playground area. These works are split into three phases and will complete all the works by Spring 2021.

Progress so far

So far on site, we have handed over phase 1 which includes the refurbishment of internal classrooms with new suspended ceilings, upgrading of the lighting and an extra classroom with a new teaching wall which will be replicated in all the new classrooms in the extension.

We have also completed some enabling works for the new extension where it meets the existing school, including blocking up windows and temporary hoarding in the hall in preparation for the hall extension. These works were all completed over the summer holiday’s, ready in time for pupils and staff returning after their break.

We are well on the way with phase 2 which is the refurbishment of the admin office, leadership room office, adjacent corridors, a new reception hatch and new external entrance doors. These works will be complete for the school returning after the October half-term break. The main extension is well on its way with the steelworks at 90% complete.

Meet the team...

Steve Ratcliffe
Construction Site Manager

How long have you been part of Sewell?
I have been part of Sewell for 9 years. 3 years as a subcontractor and the last 6 years as a Sewell employee.
What do you think of the project?
I think the project is great for the local community with the expanding residential housing in the area increasing, it allows the school to grow with it.

Where are you from?
I am from Kingston Upon Hull

What do you like to do outside of work?
Out side of work I enjoy spending time with my 4 year old daughter Alice who loves to play football and also family time.

Over the next two weeks

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be finishing phase 2 and handing back to the school in time for their return after half term. We will be continuing to push on with phase 3, working on the drainage, underpinning and foundations for the hall extension.