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Progress so far

We are happy to announce we commenced works at Spen Farm for the University of Leeds on 1st June 2020.

The project consists of additional works to the newly constructed Farm Research Centre to allow the facility to operate efficiently. Spen Farm was designed and built to teach its University Students pig farming at a hands-on level. We are excited to be working on another fantastic project with the University of Leeds.

As no pigs are living in the new farm buildings yet we are trying to squeeze as much work into our planned schedule as possible.

So far, over the last 4-weeks, we have been carrying out works across the farm, in the glorious but hot summer weather, and are making great progress.

Our electrical contractors have been busy installing data cabling and running tests on the existing systems, they have been getting stuck into equipping this hi-tech facility with the means to measure and feedback information to aid the students to carry out their research. This includes the fitting of a comprehensive CCTV camera system to monitor the pigs and data logging of the brilliant feed system which sends back a whole variety of information to the on-site comms rooms.

The farm consists of four separate building areas; the dry Sow house, the Farrowing pens, the Nursery accommodation and the pig performance testing building. Last week we added the finishing touches to the painting of the nursery feed room floor which included yellow cross-hatching paint to pedestrian walkways and the stairs leading down to the sophisticated feed system which uses air pressure to individually feed the pigs on-demand supplied by twenty food silos.

Spen Farm really is state of the art!

Over the next two weeks

Over the coming weeks, we will be installing bund walling to two slurry outlet pipes. Our reliable supply chain will be delivering metal column protection to the nursery feed room and also installing hand railing to complete the delivery zone ramp.

Meet the team...

Rob Page
Site Manager

How does it feel working for Sewell?
We all feel like we belong to one big family, we are an honest and trustworthy bunch and you can always count on us to offer support in times of need! I feel privileged to be a part of something this special.
What do you think about the Spen Farm project?
I am honoured to be working on leading-edge farming technologies with an education super hub such as the University of Leeds. I have had experience with building work on pig farms in the past but nothing compared to Spen Farm. This will give me an in-depth knowledge of how efficiencies can be made into maximising pigs’ performance and it’s great to have an insight into how students can get involved in farming.

Where are you from?
I live with my family in South Cave, which is a West Hull village. We have a great mix of countryside walks and easy access to the town of Beverley and the city of Hull.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife and three children. I have a 2 year old daughter and two sons who are 6 and 8. I especially like storytime in an evening, nothing beats a bedtime snuggle! I also like taking the family on mountain biking trips. I am looking forward to socialising with friends again once the lockdown restrictions are lifted.