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Progress so far

Welcome to our very first newsletter for this exciting scheme, unfortunately, or should we say, fortunately, the site team have been very busy in the depths of delivery so apologies that we haven’t sent out a newsletter out any earlier.

As with any works within schools over the holidays, we’re always trying to squeeze in 10 weeks worth of works into 5-weeks in this case, so hopefully you have some understanding of the intense programme that’s underway.

Over the past 6-weeks we have been re-configuring the existing school as part of an Early Works Agreement, creating new teaching spaces and support areas to all the three-floor levels, including expanding the existing canteen facilities and adding new catering equipment to the existing kitchen. In addition, our grounds works team are creating 10 more spaces in the car park, new footpaths and relocating the cycle storage facilities to make way for the new extension scheduled to commence mid-September 2019.

There’s been some fantastic progress by and all the team and our trusted supply chain, a lot of hours worked through weekends and outside normal hours, so a big thanks to everyone involved thus far.

Behind all this our Pre-construction & Design Team, Esteem Team and Hull City Council – Major Projects have also been busy through engagement and various iterations of design resulting in our Stage 2 submission ahead of financial close, thanks to everyone involved with this!

Over the next two weeks

• Second floor loose furniture to be put in place

• Final fix for joinery, mechanical and electrical with decorations and floor finishes, following closely behind on both the ground and first floors

• Completion of the new stage lighting and audio systems within the main hall

• Final quality inspections and commissioning