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Remember, remember, the 5th of November

A major milestone has been reached over at Rutland Mills today, with Building 9 on track to officially being handed over to the client in the coming days. 

The following internal and external works have now been completed:

  • Male, female and disabled toilet blocks
  • New roof with mechanical roof lights
  • Mechanical and electrical fit out
  • Completion of a new galvanized staircase
  • All new floorboards and strengthening of older floorboards to allow for the additional load from the specialist materials to create the acoustic area. The floors will be build up and filled with sand to help with the sound within the recording studios

Once handed over, specialist contractors will move in and start creating the bespoke fittings so Building 9 can become the main hub of music studios and training facilities.


Over the past few months

It’s been an extremely busy summer period over in Wakefield, especially when it comes to building relationships with our next door neighbours – Spectrum People.

Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge – completed it!

Ten of the site team completed the Three Peak Challenge, raising £1, 578 to help Spectrum support vulnerable adults across Wakefield. You can read more about it here.


Sea Cadets refurbishment

The team also finished the Good Will project on the Sea Cadets opposite the Rutland Mills site. The rotten timbers have been replaced and the river-side of the buildings redecorated. The section of roof that was originally a green mineral roof covering has been re-boarded over and a single ply membrane applied. This will provide a much more robust covering and give the Sea Cadets years of protection from the elements.

We’d also like to thank our partners who helped make this happen!

Donation of waste materials

Timber has been donated to Appletree Gardens – a community garden and allotment – where the timber can be upcycled into raised flower beds. We also donated stones to surround the pond area.

A note from the Sea Cadets

We would like to pass on the message that the Sea Cadets are actively looking for adult volunteers  to support the evening activities (Tuesday/Friday) for the cadets themselves but also to be on the Organising Team.

If you’d like to get involved and volunteer, please contact Jon Webster at


Progress updates

Building 7

Building 7 has needed the most attention and works throughout the entire project, and was at risk of being demolished. What it looks like today is incredible and testament to the hard work – blood, sweat, and tears – from the entire site team.

  • The building finally has a floor and study roof!
  • Bricks are being replaced ahead of handover
  • New doorways are being formed
  • All timber beams have been replaced and secured creating a secure structural building ready for handover
  • Handover is expected between the 12th and 19th November

The team have also been invited to tender for the fit-out of Building 7. This will require the space to be prepared for ‘Tileyard Education’, with raised acoustic flooring and additional music studios.

Buildings 10 and 11
  • Both buildings are due for completion before Christmas
  • Core areas of both buildings are now complete
  • Scaffolding is ready to be stripped out of Building 10
  • Plastering of both buildings will be complete over the next few weeks
  • Male, female and disabled toilet blocks complete
  • Externally, Building 10 is pretty much there and the birds seem to be taking a liking to it!
  • New roof and roof lights are complete, as well as all rotting timbers replaced in Building 11
  • Main steel has been painted and the floors are ready for floor screeding
  • New windows and plumbing of Building 11 will be completed in due course

At the end of November, the main access into Building 10 will be erected. This will involve an external stair core and shaft which will match the galvanized stairs within the other buildings. These works will create the main entrance for the upper floors to allow each floor to eventually be rented out separately.

 Flood defense works

Pending permit from the Environmental Agency, the flood defense wall will begin being constructed from mid-November to March 2022.

 Wakefield College Industry Partnership

We had Mason Green with us for a week in October to gain some work experience with us whilst applying for University courses to start in 2022.

Mason’s interests lie in Civil Engineering, Project and Site Management. He has been learning the ropes in pre-construction, planning and interpreting information ready for the construction phase.  We’re glad spending some time with us down on site hasn’t put him off a career in construction, and we all wish him the best as he takes the next step to becoming a project manager!

We also have first year college students Grace and Faith joining us for a month’s work experience. Grace will be heading towards the Project and Site Management side of things, whilst Faith is more Commercial.