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tonnes of lime mortar
clean accident sheets
m2 of slate
windows installed

Just busy making "Wakefield cooler than Leeds"

All the external scaffolding has now been stripped off Building 7, and what a difference it makes! The windows are being installed from mobile elevated working platforms, and the design captures the original design, whilst adding modern features and thermal values.

New flooring and steelwork has been installed on the first and second floor of Building 7, which is making great progress despite the challenges the building has provided along the way.

Most of the windows are in on the top floor, and both the first and second floor are now cleared to start internal works.

Now the scaffolding has been removed, we have external access. The ground floor of Building 7 has also been cleared out ready for timber floors to be installed.

Progress so far

Building 7:

If you ask anyone who’s been involved with this project the question as to whether Building 7 should have been demolished, everyone will definitely answer yes. Well, after a very busy 10 months, we can now stand proud and say we’ve successfully managed to bring this building back from the brink. The roof is now structurally sound and watertight. The rotten timber has been stripped out at each floor level, and the much-needed strengthening works are complete with new steels now assisting the original timber beams; all supporting the mix of old and new timber joists and floorboarding.

Externally the building has been repointed, the render patch repaired where required and any visible cracks filled and stabled by installing a stainless steel reinforcement bar to strengthen.

Internally, the partitioning to the landlord areas has recently commenced along with the mechanical & electrical. This will again change the building for the better and bring with it the next phase of works.

Building 9:

Although in a far better shape than Building 7, this has also seen the external fully repointed. The windows are almost complete, and internally the partitioning and mechanical & electrical works are coming along nicely. The existing lift shaft has been transformed which will accommodate the new platform lift which is due to be installed at the end of July.

Our client has agreed the final layout for the music studios, which will take up most of Building 9. We’ve been working with the design team on how to strengthen the original flooring on the second floor to accommodate the additional weight. These works will be commencing shortly.

Building 10:

As the last sections of the new roof are completed, we have removed the Birdcage scaffold internally to make way for the floor repairs. Although not in the same condition as Building 7, the hardwood secondary flooring has been removed which was trapping in the moisture between that and the softwood floorboarding. This in turn revealed the areas of flooring which needs replacing.

Former openings are now infilled with reclaimed brick, ready for the new layout. Rather than the traditional half bond brickwork, these have been used as a decorative feature, and the brickwork is stack bonded both internally and externally.

Over the years, openings have altered as the building changed ownership or underwent change. They must be reconstructed to be brought back in line with their original location and appearance. Following a recent planning approval, these works have now progressed, and will be revealed once the sheeting is removed from the scaffolding.

At ground floor level, following another recent client change we’re now on with wet blasting the brick walls. Like the upper levels, this will provide a fresh red brick finish which will be the backdrop for the proposed Gin bar/ restaurant planned for this  space.

Building 11:

The reroofing of the Carding shed is nearing completion. Although the smallest of the roofs across the project, this has been the most detailed. The original slates salvaged from across the whole project are being used to recover this area. While this sounds simple, the fact of the matter is each and every slate has been cleaned, checked, and sized before being reinstalled in their new location.

The original glass roof lights have been replaced with a modern polycarbonate roof light, and the newly formed valley gutters are being sealed up with a flexible Triflex sealant. The lead flashings bring everything together, sealing up the rest of the roof area.

Internally, most of the birdcage scaffolding has been stripped out, making way for the drainage works. The underside of the roof covering has been finished with the match boarding, similar to that used in the other three buildings.

Openings have been formed on the upper level along with the mechanical & electrical first fix. The new goods entrance ramp has also been cast, along with the new entrance slab.

The blockwork walls are progressing at pace and once complete, it will provide the starting point for the toilet area at both levels.

The next big item to be completed is the concrete feature wall; this will replicate that of the adjacent Hepworth Gallery, and will be the contrasting difference between the old and new fabrics of the building.