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About the scheme

As we kick off the New Year, Tileyard North have now started to post on Social media, allowing everyone more of an insight into the project and the plans they have ahead for this fantastic development.  You can find their links below which will provide you with more information and keep you up to date with the latest News.

Propping & Stabilisation

Following on from our previous newsletter, the temporary propping in now fully erected in both Buildings 7 and 10. These works consist of a total of 620 props reaching upwards of 4m each in length. To give you some perspective, if these were to be laid out end to end they would cross over the Humber Bridge and continue on a further 260m towards Barton on Humber.

Progress so far

Building 7: All recently discovered Asbestos has now been removed from the building. The much needed permanent strapping works that were required due to damage caused in the demolition phase, prior to our arrival on site, is now in place, allowing the temporary strapping to be removed and the brickwork repaired around. Bullen Restoration continue with the rest of the structural repairs and repointing along each other elevation. The existing roof is now fully stripped off allowing full access to the main roof timbers, whilst at the same time, allowing our joiners to commence with the timber replacement and structural roof repairs, before commencing with the new roof build up and new coverings.

Building 9: Masonry repairs are nearing completion. The roof works are progressing at pace and ahead of programme. Gowercroft Joinery are due on site this this week to commence with the installation of the first and second floor windows. I.H. Equipment are busy removing the flooring at each level, which will provide the space for the new steel staircases when finished.

Building 10: We are currently carrying out the wet blasting to remove the high levels of lead within the painted walls on the first, second and third levels, this is a messy process and will continue for some weeks to come. As with Building 7 & 9 the external scaffold is now fully erected, allowing the external works to commence. Internally, where possible, around the wet blasting works our joiner is starting to replace the damaged flooring.

Building 11: Following great efforts from I.H. Equipment, the strip out is now complete, along with the removal of the lower section of building 11 roof. The section demolition is progressing well and will be completed by the end of January. The external scaffold is nearing completion, making way for the high level roof works to start.

Over the next two weeks

Now the majority of the strip out works are complete and the buildings are made safe and accessible, our next phase of the works will take over and we will see the following activates continue:

Building 7 will see the structural repairs and new roof works take shape.

Building 9 roof works will complete and we will see the windows in place on the upper levels before commencing with the ground floor.

Building 10 will see the birdcage scaffold erected after the wet blasting is complete. The new section of timber flooring to the new communal area will be installed as the scaffold is stripped in front.

Building 11 again will see the high level roof work start and the works around the demolition zone complete, making way for the pilling rig to arrive.