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roof slates removed, enough to re-roof over 1,000 average size houses in the UK.
man hours worked to date, equivalent to 3,750 working days
of new roof purlins installed to replace the original rotten ones

About the scheme

Tileyard North, a 135,000 square ft site compromised of 5 abandoned Victorian Mill buildings, is being prepped for regeneration to put Wakefield on the map as the ‘new creative destination in the North of England.’ The regeneration plan will convert the space into a mixed-use, inclusive, creative and cultural cluster, with a focus on commercial, community and education. Tileyard North is situated directly opposite The Hepworth Gallery, titled “Museum of the Year 2018” and “The most significant and exciting place for sculpture in Europe”. The site will offer creative companies studio, production and office spaces as well as housing a higher education centre, contemporary street food, bars, restaurants, live event spaces and a boutique hotel. (Source –

What the Vison is for Tileyard North

Please see below computer generated images (CGI) of how the development will look once complete.

Progress so far

Building 7: The existing roof has now been stripped and the new roof is staring to take shape. There is some substantial structural strengthening required to the trusses which is due to start, this involves cutting out the rotten timber and replacing it with new and connecting large steel plates to hold it all together.

Building 9: The roof is now very nearly complete. The new slates have been installed and the new conservation roof windows are now in place, letting natural light into the roof space. The windows have started to be installed on the upper floors and the external restoration to the external brickwork and features is also close to completion.

Building 10: Now that the lead removal is complete to the top floor and the birdcage scaffolding is erected, we have now been able to start stripping of the old roof to allow the new one to be installed. Most of the strip out is complete and new timber floors are being installed to the old stairwell where the old floor was rotten and needed replacing.

Building 11: The strip out and demolition is now complete to this building and the internal scaffolding is up. This has allowed the new roof structure works to commence and we are hoping to have this installed in a few weeks. The external of the building has now been cleaned, ready to start with the brickwork and feature restoration.

Over the next two weeks

Building 7 will see the roof works continue and coverings start to be installed, along with the structural repairs. The external façade work should be almost complete.

Building 9 will start to become weather tight with the installation of the windows. This will see the external scaffolding starting to be stripped, exposing the new and restored features.

Building 10 will see the roof fully stripped along with the new roof installation. The external restoration to the façade of the building will also be taking place.

Building 11 again will see the high level roof work continue and the ground works to the new build section will commence. The single story section will see the internal scaffold go up so the roof works can be carried out.