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Time spent escorting the client and their visitors around site
Amount of abrasive blasting to remove lead paint from the building fabric
Amount of steel strengthening plates fitted to help support the existing structure

Sandal Magna children's drawings

Here at Rutland Mills, we couldn’t wait to see the faces from everybody down at Sandal Magna Primary School as we welcomed them to come for a visit on Thursday to see the amazing drawings done by the children, which are now displayed around the site.

Progress so far

Building 7:  The roof is now complete, along with the external brickwork which has allowed us to start removing the external scaffold. The rotten floor joists and boarding has now been removed to the second floor, this has allowed the joiners to start replacing the joists and floor boarding with new. Structural strengthening of the timber beams has started by installing new steel beams which are bolted to the existing timber beams and sat on pad stones.

Building 9: Paint work has now started to the match board to the internal roof and the internal steel staircase has now been installed. The M&E 1st fix has now commenced as the stud partitions will follow on shortly.

Building 10:  The joiners have finished installing the new roof timbers which has allowed the roof coverings to commence and the roof lights have now been installed. Groundworks have also started within the building footprint to allow the drainage and incoming services to be installed.

Building 11: The new steel frame is now  complete and the concrete has now been poured to the first floor. The roof is ongoing to the lower level roof which reclaimed slates stating to be installed.

Over the next two weeks

Building 7: Over the coming weeks internally we'll continue with the replacement of the floors and also we will commence the 1st fix M&E and also the stud partitions. Externally we will start the bring the external services into site and also start to fix the windows.

Building 9: Over the coming weeks we will progress the M&E and internal partitions. Also the new raised finished floors will commence.

Building 10: The roof will be fully finished including roof lights which will allow the external scaffold to be removed.

Building 11: The roof coverings will be progressing over the coming week. The SFS to the steel frame is due to commence and also the M&E and Stud Walls to the 1st floor of the existing building will commence.