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Project Summary

The Rutland Mills site is positioned on the outskirts of Wakefield Town centre bordering the River Calder and a neighbor to the Hepworth Galley.

The cluster of Mills were originally constructed back in the late 19th Century and are steeped in history and Sewell have been given the privilege of transforming the now derelict site into a visionary cultural hub, commercial office spaces and intertwining venues giving host to food and beverages.

Progress so far

The construction work has now finally started on the Rutland Mills site, having carried out testing for anthrax, toxic mould, asbestos and lead to Building 7 & 9 over the last few months.

The latest X-ray machine technology has been used for lead testing which provides an instant result and allows significantly more testing to be carried out in one visit.

Scaffolding has been erected to the gable end of Building 7 & the courtyard elevation of Building 9 and will continue around both buildings until fully erected in the coming weeks.

The first week has seen pedestrian and traffic segregation installed and the foundations laid in preparation for the arrival of our long-term welfare facilities.

Meet the team...

Jon Webster
Project Manager

How long have you been part of Sewell?
My journey with Sewell commenced on the 3rd August 2020
What do you think of the project?
Due to the neglect and decay of these buildings this will provide a challenging project with regards to logistics and sequencing, but at the same time give a great sense of achievement to Sewell and everyone involved and the knowledge that we have played a part of saving a piece of Wakefield's history.

Where are you from?
Born & Bred in Leeds, I moved to the outskirts of Wakefield 20 years ago and more recently to Pontefract, so having a Wakefield postcode for the last 20 some years also makes this project a little special for me.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I have two daughters aged 21 & 16 so family time is a priority. We love to take the dog out for long walks whether that's just my wife and I or the youngest daughter reluctantly tags along as well. I wouldn't say I'm a keen cyclist but I do enjoy getting out on my road bike and I've completed the Great Yorkshire bike ride twice & the Selby Three Swans.

Over the next two weeks

The sequential temporary propping to the first and second floors of Building 7 will be necessary to allow safe access. This will commence in the coming weeks, once in place, testing will again be carried out for lead and asbestos. The propping, testing and removal of hazardous materials will then permit the following stages of construction work to commence.

A progression into Building 10 & 11 will also happen in the coming weeks once the asbestos & lead reports are back.