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Progress so far

Welcome to our first Townend Court newsletter. It’s great to be back at Townend Court supporting Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust and Citycare to reconfigure their former inpatient unit into new office space.

Since the inception of the project, we have had a good solid start with not only maintaining the programme but managing to get ahead on certain work faces. Even with the challenges COVID -19 now presents to our industry, the site has not only been successfully set up to comply with the new guidelines and regulations safely but to also to ensure that the works can continue in a feasible and productive manner.

Demolition has progressed well. Once our subcontractors Vic Coupland completed all the required isolation works, we then proceeded with the removal of the ceilings from the 1st floor, followed by the ground floor, along with all of the floor coverings. This then allowed for the removal of the non-load bearing walls. The other ancillary demolition items followed suit such as the wall fixtures.

Over the next two weeks

The next two weeks will see the removal of the load-bearing walls on the ground floor, along with the formation of a new entrance/doorway to the proposed office 012.

Vic Coupland will begin their containment on the 1st floor and we will look to start blocking up the specified old doorways. We will also be ensuring that all of the last few demolition works are complete.