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Meters of Metsec installed.
Inductions to date

Progress so far

Work has been progressing very quickly. So far, we've seen a mix of trades on-site, including the groundworks team, to set out and install the strip foundations for the new internal offices. Our dry liners have been making light work of the internal walls and boarding, completing the work faster than expected and reducing our programme by several days. Electrically, we are now fully first fixed with cables and pipework in the necessary places which now means we can board both sides of our walls, ready for tape and jointing. The existing fire sprinkler system has also been modified up to and including second fix meaning we just have sprinkler heads left to install when the ceilings go up.

Over the next two weeks

As of Monday next week, we'll be looking make a start on mechanically installing ducting and pipework externally to the new air conditioning units which will be installed on the roof. Tape and jointing will also commence as of Tuesday meaning we can look to make a start on decoration the following week and then look to start putting ceiling up.

Meet the team...

Joe Cooper
Site Manager

How long have you been part of Sewell?
I have been at Sewell for 4 years now and started out as a managment trainee working up to my current role.
What do you think about the project?
So far the project has been very exciting, constructing something so unique has been challenging but has been also very rewarding. I think that once completed it will be a great space for the school and the community that use the building.

Where are you from?
Born and raised in Hull, not far from Tweendykes. It's great to be able to help out the community and give something back.

What do you like to do outside of work?
Outside of work you will usually find me playing some type of sport. When I aren't playing sport you likley find me spending time with friends and family.