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Waste diverted from landfill
Olympic sized swimming pool worth of Vinyl laid to date
Olympic Gold medals weigh the same as the amount of bricks used to build the cycle store superstructure

West Hull Health Hub news


Progress to date in brief…

The front and rear canopy roofs’ are well on their way to completion, with scaffold access now removed from site to all but the stair cores and roof access.

Inside the building, all works are sequentially ahead of our programme to the majority of the rooms.

IPS panel boxes have been installed in the majority of the consultation rooms and toilets, with Kitchen IPS boxes following shortly next week.

The suspended ceilings are progressing very well to the first floor.


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Progress so far - in more detail

The cycle store roof has received its Saranfil membrane forming the roof covering which has enabled the surrounding scaffolding to be removed by Elevation scaffolding. Fascias, guttering, ceilings, and doors now await.

On the main building, a contract lift transported the air handling unit (AHU) onto its framework on the roof. This has been connected to the ducting system already installed throughout the main building. Sitting next to the AHU are the Photovoltaic panels, these were positioned and installed earlier on in the month.

Inside the main building, the consultation rooms are now seeing Vinyl being laid, this is after the completion of Damp Proof Membranes and self-levelling screeds laid to the floors throughout. Suspended ceilings are methodically being instated, bringing the rooms to life and ever closer to completion.

Whiterock hygienic cladding has been fixed to wall areas requiring additional protection. Whiterock is used as an alternative to tiling and offers high performance, easy maintenance, and impact resistance. This has been designed to be used in our Kitchens, Utility rooms, and Shower areas.

Decorating to the first floor is nearing completion and has moved down onto the ground floor. Feature walls are subtly adding colour, increasingly making the building more homely. The colour pallet, chosen by the client and end-user, consists of autumnal colours.

Stair core two’s ceiling is now complete, stair core one is ready for its scaffolding crash deck. In addition, a permanent steel first-floor to roof access staircase will be installed, providing primary roof access for carrying out roof maintenance in the future.

Cladding is making decent strides although it has been impacted by Covid Pinging. The rendering has seen a long lead time for their rainwater drip tray, we are hoping to see these works pick back up in pace over the coming months.

This is our live feed site camera which sends updated live shots, taken every 30 minutes, and can also be viewed at our Sewell Construction website.

West Hull Health Hub live feed camera

Over the coming weeks

Airtightness is a key ingredient in creating an energy-efficient building. Airtightness & ventilation work together to provide better air quality, lower condensation, and act to retain warmth whilst circulating fresh air. The WHHH has been designed and is being built in line with Building regulation standards to achieve an airtightness of 5mᶾ/hour or less. Broadly speaking, we wrap the floors, the walls, and the roof together. Any penetrations through the fabric are sealed, such as pipes, cables, window casings, and door frames. Our initial airtightness test is booked in for August with a final test penned in for September.

The permanent mains water pipework has been installed on-site and is awaiting final supply to be connected under Calvert Road followed by the drainage.

Vinyl finishes will continue down onto the ground floor.

Mechanical, air ducting and electrical works are again continuing to speed ahead on both floors with third fixes being made perfect.

See you all again next month…