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number of average weight people equivalent of intumescent paint applied to the steel structure
bowling green lengths of scaffolding edge protection currently installed
football field lengths of fire cavity barrier protection to be installed

Commencement of work

March has passed with some great levels of success achieved by the WHHH project team spurred on with the aid of a mini-heatwave mid-month helping us along the way, hopefully, this is just a taster for the summer ahead!

We have also been focused on keeping the site as Covid-safe as possible for operatives working on our site. We have introduced an online pre-site induction, where operatives can carry out their inductions before attending the site.

We are in the process of implementing LFT (Lateral Flow ‘Covid-19’ Testing) within our project team and controlling and preventing Covid transmission is still at the forefront of our minds. Asymptomatic testing can now also be targeted.


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In the spirit of constructing a local community health Hub; we want to reach out to our local communities. Social value starts from the heart by us giving and sharing. Our local economies and communities are special to us and can benefit hugely from small acts of kindness. At the Sewell group, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. There is so much positivity that can be created by engaging with the people around us and we need to know if you need our support?

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Progress so far

Bringing you back up to speed from our previous February newsletter; the three concrete staircases have been lifted into position with the crane capable of lifting up to 100 tonnes, along with completion of the block and beam ground floor, the first-floor deck has been installed and concreted opening up work availability for the progression of works to the roof and first floor. First-floor decking completion has also enabled our Sewell site engineer – Steve Wilson – to set out the positions of the walls and door openings to the ground and first floors to support the installation of the SFS walls.

The Pharmacy internal blockwork is nearing completion, this is the only part of the building to receive a traditional type of construction using an internal block skin as opposed to the remaining building being constructed using an SFS – Structural Steel Frame system. Completion of the internal block skin will allow the external brickwork to commence surrounding the Pharmacy which includes three of the four types of detailed patterns of brickwork designs incorporated into the brickwork for the main building.

The double-lift lift shaft has risen out through the first floor and will soon make its appearance out through the roof.

1000 litres of intumescent paint has been applied to the ground floor steel structure and is helping to brighten up the ground floor steel from a dark grey colour to a bright white. The application of the intumescent paint has also received approval from our independent fire testing contractor.
With the remainder of the building consisting of internal SFS partitioning and an external SFS inner skin system – the ground floor will be clad externally in brickwork, this has been progressing well on the ground floor. Our SFS contractor – Jumbo – have been carrying out intricate boarding cuts to lock in acoustics to aid in the building achieving the required airtightness testing later on in the project.

The cycle store foundations have been set out and installed and are ready for the masonry element to commence. The brickwork and roofing works to the cycle store have been planned out for the month ahead.

This is our live feed site camera which sends updated live shots, taken every 30 minutes, and can also be viewed at our Sewell Construction website.

West Hull Health Hub live feed camera

Over the next two weeks

Scaffolding is being carried out by Elevation Scaffolding and is in place to support the works ahead. This is being adapted to suit the needs of the project as work progresses and will soon incorporate the front entrance above and below the canopies. The scaffolding here will serve as a multi-role scaffold in providing safe access to ground-floor brickwork, first-floor external SFS and first-floor external cladding, this will then be altered to suit the safe access for the canopy roof's construction. All of the remaining first floor to the building (outside of the roof canopies) is to be installed using SFS and cladding and will be accessed using MEWP'S.

Chemplas will be installing the roof coverings in the coming weeks, while SFS, mechanical and electrical works speed ahead on the ground floor.

The connection of the on-site gas meter and a connection for mains water is now imminent.

There will be some huge changes ahead and we look forward to keeping you updated.

See you all again in a months time…