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of cement-based floor screed has now been laid - that's the equivalent to the volume needed to fully vaccinate the full population of England.
Snooker tables worth of brickwork to the main building and cycle store
world record long jump lengths of the main buildings skirting boarding due to be installed
team members making up the WHHH site team

West Hull Health Hub news in brief

All is going great at West Hull Health Hub, the weather has taken a turn for the worse but spirits have not been dampened… I’m sure the summer weather is just around the corner…

Progress to date…

Ground-level brickwork is starting to wrap around the main building.

The cement-based screed has been laid to the ground floor.

The windows have been installed around the full building and the curtain walling is progressing well to the front entrance.

The pre-manufactured GRP substation building was successfully installed onto its concrete foundation pad in mid-May, we are now awaiting Northern Power Grid to connect the permanent electrical mains, which, in due course will power the WHHH building and be supplemented with power fed in from the solar roof panels. The substation can be seen from our live camera feed below.

The Sewell Group have been working with Kerrie White from Goodwin Development Trust for several years now, to help give people on the neurodiversity spectrum opportunities and inclusion. Kerrie has been engaging with the site team and introduced us to Sean Mills. He has been enhancing the brickwork team of OW-Brickwork Ltd with his creative talent, sharp wit and lateral thinking. Sean, who is studying brickwork at Hull College has been gaining confidence by building a brick corner. This has been superb practice for his levelling, plumbing and trowel skills. He is doing phenomenally well and we look forward to seeing his confidence grow in the coming weeks. Kerrie has tweeted some fantastic Twitter posts showing Sean in action. Click on the links to see more:

Here is the link to our recent drone footage to give you a feel for what the site looks like from a distance.

The West Hull Health Hub team is continuing to share all of its latest news across a broader platform on social media. We would love for you to visit them and follow us via the links below:

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Progress so far - in a little more detail

We have the pleasure of announcing that one of the two motor-driven lifts have been fitted this week, the second lift will follow on next week. Schindler Ltd provided superb edge protection and access using the ‘safegate’ system, I would say this is an industry leader for offering the best Health & Safety requirements needed for lift shaft work. Images of the safegate door system can be seen in the photos below. Both lifts will soon be sealed off ready for their final commissioning when permanent electrical mains power is supplied via the new substation.

The cement-based floor screed has been installed with great success to the main building ground floor. The ALD Group have left a glass-like finish which will again open up the ground floor and allow further trade progression, noticeably Jumbo, who can again continue with; the remaining wall partition construction, plaster boarding, fitting of the support patresses, fire stopping, and plasterboard finishing preparations. All of which are part of their procured package. This will also allow for the ground floor progress to be driven forwards and levelled out following the surges made on the first floor while access was restricted to the ground floor during the fitting of the insulation, DPM and cement-based floor screed.

The windows are now in and have been glazed, panelled and internally/externally waterproofed using an EPDM system. For those not familiar with this system, EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is a highly durable synthetic rubber glue and sheeting system derived from oil and natural gas. EPDM is commonly used outdoors for roofing, window and door seals. The EPDM Membrane creates an airtight and weathertight seal, great for projects like the WHHH.

The new cycle store is positioned between the main incoming road and what will be the new WHHH car park. The cycle store, which is fully covered by a flat roof, will consist of three rooms; a waste bin disposal hold, an open short-stay cycle park with cycle hoops, and a longer stay cycle park with access doors giving bikes more protection from the elements. Currently, all the internal brick/block walls have been installed to roof plate height and the wall plates and wall plate straps are next to be fitted. The external walls can then be constructed and will close off the cavity, allowing for the roof to be constructed.

This is our live feed site camera which sends updated live shots, taken every 30 minutes, and can also be viewed at our Sewell Construction website.

West Hull Health Hub live feed camera

Over the coming weeks

We are working on a number of focuses to take the WHHH to the next level – these include a continuation of brickwork, roof canopy construction, which then allows progression of the cladding, and render.

The only thing holding back the brickwork now is the weather – so we are hoping to see some prolonged sunshine!

The front and back roof canopies are to receive an alteration to their scaffolding in the form of a crash deck, this will permit canopy construction next week. Once the canopies are complete, they will really show off the main entrance of the building to the public and also frame the detailed brickwork panels on the front corners.

Once the waterproofing upstands have been installed to the roof canopies, Chemplas will also be able to fit their cladding system to the front entrance, this will work its way around the building, with breaks in cladding meeting with render to the south and west elevations and rear stair core.

Mechanical, air ducting and electrical works are continuing to speed ahead on both the ground and first floors and are all ahead of the programme along with partitions, plaster boarding and SFS.

See you all again next month…