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West Hull Health Hub news

Our countdown to completion has now started…

The majority of the rooms are edging ever closer to completion, where joiners are expertly fitting door casings and architraves – with fire door casings fitted in line with the fire strategy. A thorough quality checking system is being utilised by both the project team and the joinery contractor to meet building regulation standards – these have been signed off by the building inspector. On the first floor, our joiners are also working alongside various trades such as; ceiling fixers who are currently installing ceiling grids and ceiling tiles, and electricians who are installing the ceiling lighting and fire detection systems. These third fixes are continuing to contribute to the final finishes within the rooms and corridors. The suspended ceilings on the ground floor are following suit with air conditioning vents being harmoniously positioned within the ceiling grids just as they have been to the first floor.

Our groundwork contractor – Overhall – is bringing the surrounding landscaping skillfully into fruition by installing the foundations for the entrance steps and ramp, and all remaining ducting, drainage, paving kerb edges, and sub-layer stone will prepare the ground for soft and hard landscaping. They will be having a busy month bringing the groundworks package together, this is an exciting prospect for the site team as more and more of the areas surrounding the building will be fully realised.

During August, Sewell Group worked alongside Cat Zero to run a month-long internship. We were able to offer our intern – Sam – an opportunity to gain hands-on experience within a commercial construction environment in his chosen trade, to paint and decorate. Along with many other interns, we hope this has offered a fresh perspective, and shown what it’s like to work for a leading ‘Times Top 100 company’.

The journey at the West Hull Health Hub (WHHH) continues with our on-site operatives having so far appreciated the support put in place by the project team to enable and encourage them to openly talk about their mental health.

The WHHH team continue to share news across a broader platform on social media. We’d love for you to visit them and follow us via the links below:

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Being part of your community

  • Our current ‘Social return on investment’ is £3.47, which is above the national average. (So, for example, for every £1 spent will mean the local community get £3.47 back)
  • Local company Kingston Cleaning Services removed a huge amount of graffiti from the Army Barracks wall that neighbours WHHH
  • We donated a toolbox to Sean at the Goodwin Development Trust
  • Our teams donated lots of food to help support the local food banks
  • A huge 84% of our sub-contractor spend has stayed local
  • We’re proud to say that 97.16% of construction waste has been diverted from landfill

Looking after our team’s mental health and encouraging those working on site to talk openly about how they’re feeling is really important to us at Sewell Construction. Here’s how we’re encouraging the team to look after their mental wellbeing:

  • We invited Andy’s Man Club to talk to our on-site teams
  • Managers at WHHH had a ‘men’s health check up’
  • Two of our Project team managers at WHHH are trained mental first aiders
  • We make mental health support as accessible as possible to everyone on site

Progress so far - in more detail

The cycle store has received its plywood finish to the ceiling and the electrical second fix is almost finished. Doors to the disposal hold have been installed.

In the main building, Whiterock will be complete this week.

Door casings and architrave have all but been painted in the Dulux 95BG/044 (Grey) to the first floor.

Cladding is making decent strides although it has again continued to be impacted by Covid-19.

The rendering system to the first floor on the south and west elevations, plus stair core one is looking fantastic with completion expected mid-week.

There are now only a handful of small scaffolds in places where edge protection is needed and the final stair core crash deck was removed last week. This allowed safe access to decorate walls and fit the ceiling.

Installation of the IPS panel boxes, vinyl flooring, and Whiterock have been integrated smoothly between the various trades.

The main building ground floor external doors are due to be fitted this week in time for the September airtightness testing.

This is our live feed site camera which updates every 30 minutes. This can also be viewed on our Sewell Construction website.

West Hull Health Hub live feed camera

Over the coming weeks

  • We’ve received final dates to get the mains water supply connected into the site with the drainage connections going live in the weeks that follow
  • Vinyl finishes will continue down onto the ground floor and corridors to the first floor
  • Mechanical, air ducting and electrical works are again continuing to speed ahead on both floors with third fixes being installed throughout
  • Groundwork ducting connections are due in the coming weeks to connect cabling between the incoming substation and main building


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See you all again next month…