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West Hull Health Hub news

October’s been the month for mains power connections, commissioning, and bringing a close to the majority of the works throughout the building and its surrounds.

The West Hull Health Hub (WHHH) roof is sparkling having received its final sign-off and pressure wash clean. The roof hatch handrail now offers permanent edge protection and all works up there are complete.

The main entrance has a front step and ramp; handrails, street lighting, block paving, and tactile paving that will conclude the entrance works.

Overhall is continuing to bring the groundworks package together. Externally the site has been a hive of activity as the landscaping, car park and link roads all start to materialise.

Vic Coupland, who’s carried out the mechanical and electrical works is also concluding their install, they’re gearing up for their final commissioning after all of the main services – (water, gas, and electricity) are connected to the building.

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Feedback from Glyn - our friendly neighbour opposite

Glyn our friendly neighbour opposite has received the bells and whistles site tour. He’s sent us some lovely feedback and it’s clear that we share the same passion for construction and the WHHH building itself. It was a genuine pleasure taking Glyn around the site, listening to his stories and views, and sharing facts and modern construction techniques was a real inspiration for us both.

This is Glyn’s feedback email:

Hi Rob,

Many thanks once again for the health centre tour that you gave me. I was absolutely fascinated and I was still buzzing hours later. Your knowledge of everything that had been done was truly exceptional and I’d like to say that I took it all in, but fell a bit short on a couple of things. That was mainly due to not having the memory of a young’un anymore, though it’s not bad. The health and safety throughout the centre was outstanding and I listened intently to your description of all the new methods and how they worked, truly amazing. In truth, I could have stayed there all day and looked in every single room and have tried to see more of the ventilation system that was in place. I felt a little guilty as it was Rob getting all the pleasure of being shown around. When I went to bed, I sat down and looked across at the centre. I saw it in a different light now that I had been around it. I could actually just about remember what went were and what was what. To sum it up Rob, with you, Dave, and the rest of your marvellous crew at the helm, the owner and directors can be assured that their company is in very safe hands and should be very proud.

Thanks once again Rob

Regards Glyn

Over the next two weeks

The main welfare unit has now been taken off the site and temporary cabins have been delivered. The groundwork and completion of the site will be imminently accomplished and formally handed over to the end-user in the coming weeks.

For the site team, it's been a privilege organising and coordinating the construction of the WHHH in what's been a fantastic year-long journey. The building due to be handed over will serve the community for many years.